From BookWenches, by reviewer Bobby D Whitney: 5 stars!!  http://www.bookwenches.com/august11reviews.htm#777340907

“When I came across Kissing Sherlock Holmes by T.D. McKinney and Terry Wylis, I could not pounce on this book quickly enough. Truly, how can one resist Sherlock Holmes, the ultra-famous brooding, manic-depressive detective and cokehead? There is something completely romantic (regardless of his infamous misogyny) and mysterious about him and his uncanny deductive abilities. While I’m not generally that into fan fiction, this book is a definite exception, because the authors have done an excellent job remaining faithful to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s characters even as they give them a new and definitely non-traditional spin.

Given his contempt of the female gender, it seems appropriate that a romance featuring Sherlock Holmes would pair him with his dedicated sidekick and biographer, Dr. John Watson. In this story “my dear Watson” takes on new nuances of caring. It rings of love and close friendship instead of the slightly pompous and superior air we might otherwise expect on the part of Holmes.

While Kissing Sherlock Holmes is a romance at heart, the plot revolves around a mystery almost as much as it does the relationship between our two heroes, who are much too involved solving their case to spend a lot of time on the more physical aspects of their love. The central mystery is well-conceived and involving, and as I read, I found myself changing my mind several times regarding the identity of the culprit. And although the final revelation came as no particular surprise to me, the journey to discovery is a very enjoyable one indeed.

Although the narrative has a slightly warmer tinge than Conan Doyle’s original text, the authors capture the essence of Holmes and Watson very precisely in this book, and I never doubted for a moment that they were “authentic” characters. Holmes is rude, unsympathetic, and prone to black moods, drug use, and depression. Watson is his complete opposite. They are three-dimensional, thinking and breathing characters who really do complement each other perfectly.

Having only read a few of the original Holmes and Watson stories, I now wish were more intimately familiar with them, because I think I’d have had a ball noticing even more similarities and differences between those stories and this one. As it is, I enjoyed becoming immersed in this story and witnessing Holmes and Watson find a happy ending together. If you are at all a fan of Sherlock Holmes and 221B Baker Street, then I highly recommend Kissing Sherlock Holmes. It is very well-written, highly absorbing and undeniably romantic.



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