From Literary Nymphs: 4.5 Nymphs! (their version of stars)

“Kissing Sherlock Holmes is the latest release by writers McKinney & Wylis. I admit it. The quirky title for this book caught my attention first but the idea of turning the classic mystery characters of Holmes and Watson into lovers while they solved a crime is what made me want to read this story. It’s a crazy notion but it’s also what makes this writing duo so successful…they think outside the box. 

The thing that’s immediately obvious about this story is that the writing style matches that of the time period in which the book is set, reminding me of the many classic mystery books I’ve read and B/W movies I’ve seen. I really appreciated that the authors’ writing closely matched that of the originator of the Sherlock Holmes and Watson characters. It shows their attention to detail and their willingness to do the research necessary to get a historical era right. 

Holmes in love initially seemed a little odd but it was nice seeing this normally rigid man open his heart up. But what I really loved was the author’s creative explanation for what made him act so arrogant and cold to people around him…even Watson at times.  Then there’s Watson. This man is much more experienced in the ways of physical relationships than Holmes but one kiss from the man he’s been friends with for years turns his world upside down. McKinney and Wylis handled the change of emotions and relationship between both men well, making their transition from friends to lovers believable.

You don’t really know about the secrets the villain is stealing or how it’s happening until the latter part of the story but it becomes apparent fairly early on who the person might be. But even so, it didn’t stop me from enjoying the story, as snippets of information revolving around the villain is intermittently placed throughout the story, keeping my interest.

Put all this together in an English country house with some interesting secondary characters, witty dialogue and a few chuckles and you have all the components needed for an enjoyable read. Give this one a try.”

(Repeat happy dance – Whee!!!)


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