A Step Back in Time

As I’ve not yet had time to sit down and properly compose a blog entry about my INCREDIBLE experience at GayRomLit 2011 in New Orleans, I nevertheless felt I really SHOULD come up with something before WordPress decided I was just taking up space.

In the midst of cleaning up my office space (which also triples as sewing room and scrapbook area), I came across a collection of poems I wrote during the last great “golden age” of my life when all I had to worry about was getting to a job and doing dishes for only myself. A group of us worked nights together at a community theatre and had all discovered we also shared a love of poetry. So we formed our own little chapter of the Dead Poets Society (the living are merely initiates).

And we wrote. We discovered ourselves and the world around us. We wanted to “live deep and suck all the marrow out of life.” (The Thoreau quote to be invoked at every meeting, for those who never saw the movie.) And we did it. Without doing anything to get kicked out of the state of Utah. 😉 Go figure.

I haven’t written poetry for about a decade – prose has taken its place. But once in awhile I go back and look at what we did before any of us had a real clue about writing. And I have to say, we were pretty damned good. And pretty bad, sometimes. But what revisiting it all shows me is how much we’ve all grown since then. I know I have – the world is a very different, much more flavorful place to exist now. Still, if it hadn’t been for those days…I wonder.

Anyway, I hope you’ll indulge my little step back in time – I wanted to share some of the better ones I wrote. (Not all at once, I promise.)

Autumn Splendor

The warmth of the sun on my upturned face,
The scent of the leaves floating softly through space;
The sound of sweet autumn-gold silence that breathes
Contentment to life, and my soul into peace.

Blaze scarlet and amber ‘crost mountains do creep,
And silver-white frost sends the flowers to sleep;
Dark harvest moon hangs in a shower of light
As the stars shimmer on through a crystal black night.

A last glow of life ere the winter’s long sleep;
A last parting song radiating so deep;
The last reverie ere the season departs¾
The splendor of autumn that gladdens my heart.

-Nov 1996


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