Monday Book Promo: THE WOLFE PROXY (Southern Beaus Book 2)

ImageThe Wolfe Proxy (Southern Beaus, Book 2)
by T. D. McKinney & Terry Wylis
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-464-8 (Electronic)
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-896-7 (Paperback)
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CEO Quinton Wolfe sets off every alarm on sculptor Max Bowman’s warning system. No way is that playboy getting near Max’s sister, the newest shareholder in Wolfe’s multinational corporation. No matter Quint’s charming smile and sexy form, Max won’t let his kid sister get taken in by that Lothario. Even if it means Max cuts a deal with Big Bad Wolfe himself.

And what a deal! Max becomes Quint’s play toy. Good thing Max enjoys it. He’ll just play the game until he can turn the tables on the CEO. Or that’s the plan. But somehow, even knowing the CEO is a ruthless snake at the core, Max still lets Quint worm his way right into Max’s heart.

Cutting Quint out of his life is the best thing Max can do. So why does it feel like Max might never be able to breathe again? It doesn’t help that Quint’s every bit as heartbroken and miserable. So maybe Max’s view of Quint was skewed by the media. But can he separate the ruthless CEO from the gentle, caring man who loves him? And can he trust either one?

Genres: Gay / Contemporary / The Arts / Series
Heat Level: 2
Length: Novel (63k words / 166 paperback pages)


“4.5 Stars!…Four characters create an intricate dance and counter-dance of understandings and misunderstandings. The mutual attraction between Max, who is very out, and Quint, who is not out at all, is instant and hot…If you like a complex tale with strongly-drawn characters who don’t always do exactly as they should (or as you expect), then you will love The Wolfe Proxy. I did.”

–Carole,Rainbow Reviews

“4 Nymphs!…A fun and sexy look at what happens after two men find love when they least expect it, and under very strange and unusual circumstances, which were a unique and creative twist….All the components needed for an entertaining story that’s made for a rainy afternoon read.”

–Mystical Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews

4 Stars!…I really liked The Wolfe Proxy…It’s well constructed…the characters were quite likable. The heat between Max and Quint was evident and the sex between these flawed men was divine. I have given the story 4 stars because I think you will fall in love with everyone and Jenn, Max’s sister, turns out to be one kickass businesswoman.”

–Wave, Reviews By Jessewave

“…A sweet and emotional story, with angst and upheaval followed by a nice ending.”

–Cassie, Joyfully Reviewed

“… a sensual and fanciful contemporary romance novel…Quinton and Max’s reactions to each other are immediate and intense. I don’t often find love at first sight believable but The Wolfe Proxy is a notable exception. I found the instant and passionate connection formed by the heroes to be very believable and very appealing.”

–Christina, Romance Junkies

EXCERPT (rated sensual)

Bastard. Max really hated corners, especially when he’d been backed into one. No keeping Jenn out of the office. And he shouldn’t feel this warm in the face of that icy persona. The annoyance at that fueled Max’s growl. “So what’s your damn counteroffer?”

The darkest, most decadent gray eyes Max had ever seen bored into him, Wolfe’s full lips barely an inch from his own. Rich baritone sent a tremor rushing over Max’s skin. “Here is the deal, Mr. Bowman. You want me to desist pursuing your sister outside a business relationship, I shall. But I want something in return.”

Max’s fists knotted, an action far beyond his control. He couldn’t be sure if they balled because he wanted to punch Wolfe right in those luscious lips, or to keep him from knotting his fingers in the gold silk of Wolfe’s hair and planting a kiss on those same lips of the sort to leave the other man reeling. “I’m listening.”

“Quite simple, really. A mere token.” A sudden breath of air caressed Max’s jaw, moving up to cradle the curve of his ear. Warm, male breath. Wolfe’s voice dropped to a whisper somehow richer than the deep tenor of a moment ago. “You see, Mr. Bowman, I find I have a taste for both sexes. And a rather voracious appetite for very pretty, smartass men. What I want in return for your sister’s innocence…is you. In my bed. Or yours. At my whim. Starting tonight.”

Fingers knotted tighter, digging into Max’s palm. Oh, the bastard, the utter and complete bastard. Max really did want to feel his knuckles collide with that smug little smile. And he’d indulge that whim. Later. After he made Mr. Quinton Wolfe pay up. “Okay.”

The CEO was a damn good poker player, no doubt, but not quite good enough. The tiniest gasp escaped before Wolfe pulled back to stare at Max again, those gorgeous eyes only a millimeter wider than they’d been. Then a slow smile revealed even white teeth. One manicured nail slid over Max’s cheek and down to the top button of his shirt. “Then let us begin our negotiations, shall we? I’m sure your…good buddy…will keep pretty Jennifer amused for some time.”

“Oh, I can promise you that.” Max held up a finger, indicating Wolfe stay just where he was as Max plucked the kerchief from the other man’s breast pocket. He looped it around the handle of the door he’d opened in preparation for tossing Wolfe out on his completely grabbable ass and then slid it closed with a rattling bang. “Old signal from when we roomed together. A cloth around the doorknob means I’m entertaining a lover.” He grinned at the blond. “So, lover, what were you saying about negotiations?”

The smile he got in return sent another shiver over his skin. “Actually, that wonderful little `okay’ of yours was agreement to my whims. Negotiation was a diplomatic but rather inaccurate term.” Wolfe blew another soft caress of air over Max’s throat as the exec undid that first button. “And right now my whim is to see just what sort of a marvelous prize I’ve acquired. And to watch your face as I do so.”

So that’s how Wolfe wanted to play it. Fine. It wouldn’t be the first time Max had taken a dice-roll at this particular game. But no need to let the corporate eagle think he’d won already. “Works for me. But I should warn you, I make a really lousy bottom.” Max flashed a smile, deploying the dimples to their full effect. “Just a natural leader, I guess.”

“Indeed?” Wolfe’s hands stopped their removal of Max’s shirt and he considered him for a moment. Then a solid form pressed him against the wall and those full lips claimed his, Wolfe’s hands diving below Max’s waistband to squeeze his ass. “Really, I’d say you have a remarkably fine bottom.”

Max reached around and grabbed a double handful. “And I’d say it’s mutual.” He returned the kiss with fervor, exploring, dueling his tongue with Wolfe’s. “Mmm, you taste good. You like chocolate mints.”

“And you favor cinnamon. Somehow I’m not surprised.” Wolfe pulled him away from the wall and shoved Max toward the living space without letting go. Impassioned kisses scraped at Max’s throat and chest, buttons nearly freeing themselves under a mobile tongue. “God, you smell like those damn cookies she brought into the office. I should eat you alive for that alone.”

Max laughed. “I don’t have any objection to that.” He pressed his hips to the other man, letting Wolfe feel the evidence of hard desire. “I have a good-sized snack for you if you’re serious about it.” His chest collided with the other man’s. All rock-solid muscle under that silk suit. Damn, the corporate jockey was hot. Way more than pretty Gomer Pitt.

“You do surprise me in some areas, Maxwell.” Not that surprise showed up in that heated gaze or rich, rich voice. “Quite honestly I never suspected you were anything but straight.” Wolfe’s palms slid over Max’s bare chest, teasing circles over his nipples. Eyes dark as a summer storm over Tulsa warmed Max further, sultry and full of hunger. “I must say I’m pleased beyond words that my proposition didn’t send you screaming in the other direction.”

“You should pay better attention. I’ve never been in the closet, hot shot. And I’ve never pretended to be straight.” Max let his grin spread wide, well aware of the devastating effect it could have. “I thought you corporate barracudas were the observant sort.” Oh, he did like the way the other man’s touch skimmed over sensitive skin. The good-looking suit had talent!

“Must be the influence of your very handsome, very straight buddy.” A soft slide of a thumb tip across Max’s bottom lip. “Watching the two of you together at the company picnic. He seemed too uptight to be comfortable around you unless you were straight as well.” Wolfe’s other hand trailed a path down to the waistband of Max’s jeans, teasing just inside. That intense gaze never left his face though. “You have a beautiful mouth, Max.”

Desire rippled through Max, heated and demanding. His hand tightened on Quinton’s waist. “Thanks. I get that a lot.” The force of the other man’s unrelenting attention caused another ripple to race through Max’s body. “Why don’t you kiss me again and show me what you meant by being at your whim?”

“Indeed.” Quinton’s smile had a real good devastation quotient going, too. “I have something very special in mind for you tonight. But I find I crave a kiss as much as you seem to.” Full sensual lips brushed over Max’s before Quinton claimed him completely. The taste of chocolate mint paled against the sheer power of Quinton Wolfe. A questing tongue slipped between Max’s willing lips, bent on conquest, sure of its power to dominate. Hard fingers knotted in Max’s hair, holding him tight against Quinton’s mouth, assuring the man could have as much of Max as he wanted. Or as much as Max would allow.

The sculptor let a moan slip past his lips as he ground his hips against Quinton. The sensual feel of a firm-muscled body against his own urged him to play Quinton’s game, to take whatever he could and enjoy it to the fullest. Let the other man think he was in charge if he wished; Max would still be the one having all the fun.